At Eastgate Eyes, in assessing children’s vision we understand that they lack the benefit of adult experience and assume that the way they see things is the same as those around therm, therefore they do not complain of any symptoms of visual problems. Some children may see adequately but still have difficulty with reading.

Eight percent per cent of our information that we gain comes through our eyes. So it is especially important that your child’s vision is assessed during their schooling years. Poor vision can lead to leaning difficulties, clumsiness and even affect personality development.

The most common vision problems in children

Myopia or Short-sightedness:  is a condition in where children can see clearly at short distance, but not able to see distant objects.

Hyperopia or Long-sightedness: results in blurred vision at short distances.

Astigmatism: produces blurred vision at all distances as light doesn’t focus at one point at the back of the eye.

Regular Examinations

At Eastgate Eyes, we recommend that every child is tested before they begin the new school year. A reminder to parents that screenings can take place at school but do not replace a comprehensive eye health check.



At Eastgate Eyes, we perform a full eye examination and from these results, the optometrist will recommend what further testing needs to be conducted.